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“Salt and Pepper” – Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible Blog – These once were more costly than Gold

Salt and Pepper - Thanks to Flicker.com

I have been very interested in salt and pepper shakers for years. I once read a story where salt and other herbs where more precious that Gold to the early people of the Middle East. But even more intriguing to me than their value is the stories they tell us about ourselves..

Shakers have come in almost ever combination you can imagine and they tell the stories of the society at the time of their production. Modern day collectors can tell the history of this country by the images on the shakers in their collections and also the other subject matter used to show the images of the time. I have seen the capitals of almost every state in the United State used in shakers and many favorite vacation spots are also represented by these small little sculptures. I personally have sold sets of Rosemeade shakers in the shape of Pheasants for $500 and there are other shakers that sell for thousands.

Tomorrow I hope to meet with the curator of the Salt and Pepper Shaker museum here in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and I hope to report that this collectible is increasing in numbers and value even in these tough times. I will be asking what direction they think that these collectibles are headed and where their future value will be. Isn’t it amazing that there is a museum dedicated to these small collectibles? It takes very little money to start a collection and also because of their size, a collection of them takes up very little space. I also think that most people see the humor or interest in the image that each set presents.

Often when you find one set of shakers there are many more present so even though you pay fifty cents a set and sell them for five dollars that isn’t much money but it you multiple that by twenty five then your bank account will soon begin to show great returns. Remember, it doesn’t matter where the money comes from that hits you account only that it does and in the process, your account is compounding. Of course you know that I mean by any legal means.

Here is a little tip - if you go to Abe Books I am sure you will find a guide on Salt and Pepper Shakes that will cost very little and give you a start on educating yourself on their values. I believe that the values you find in the guide will be low for today’s markets but let’s keep that between us.

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