Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Working Together

Yesterday's Blog must have struck a cord with many of the readers because of the questions I received. The question that I will try to answer first is how did you know the paintings were fakes? This requires more than just a casual answer because of the numerous components that have to go into the answer. But if you will be patient, my now favorite word, I will give it my best college try.

Over the years, I have viewed as many painting as has been possible and this included visits to museums, studying sales catalogs, visiting art galleries and previewing thousands of auctions, not to leave out the many hours I have spent on the computer at sites like eBay and others. Once I have done the research I try to group artists by Western, Midwest, Eastern and this gives me a focal point to work from. By keeping a visual image of as many artists works as I can in my head often I simply can say that piece isn't by the artist it is represented to be, the quality isn't there. If I am not totally sure ,then I run through the steps that will give me confidence in reaching this conclusion.

The first step I use to authenticate a painting is checking to see if the signature is right and if the subject matter of the painting is something I have seen this artist do in other paintings I have viewed. Next, I find a painting listed somewhere like Askart, Artprice or Artnet to compare it with. By this time I should begin to form an opinion but even then I may pass it by another person that I respect for their opinion. I am always aware that there are special situations and I have told many people to seek another person to view the painting to confirm my appraisal.

One of the greatest advantages of being a member of the Daryle Lambert Antiques and Collectibles Club is that I will assist you until we both are satisfied with our conclusions. All the resources necessary in the process of analyzing a painting is available to you through the Club. In five minutes,I should be able to set you on the right course as to what you have or something you may want to purchase.

If you have further questions please call or email me and I promise to take the time to answer your questions. If by any chance you don't get a reply please re-ask your question because some of my emails end up in my spam file. There isn't anything better for an art dealer than the number of paintings he previews. By seeing more and more paintings, we in the business say you develop an eye and I have never found a person that could totally describe this but once it is obtained you will know it.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful conversation with a young man,Stephen, that I am certain will be a great success story in this business in the near future. During the time we spent talking many keys to success were discussed and the next blog I write will contain some of these.

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