Friday, July 17, 2009

“No Patience Hurts” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog- Lesson Learned.

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A couple of days ago I shared with the readers that I had exercised patience by not buying a damaged and repaired piece of pottery. I was proud of my ability to resist the temptation to try and squeeze a profit out of what was a sure loser. Hopefully this will be the tract that I follow in the future but it may take a little teaching to get everyone on board with this philosophy.

I met a young man at my home yesterday who wanted me to look at several pieces of art that he had purchased on eBay. I walked out to his car and in the trunk were perhaps half a dozen paintings. With the speed that can only be related to Superman I looked at each one and passed on to the gentleman that they were all fakes. I could see the disappointment in his eyes but I assured him that he was very lucky because it could have been much, much worse. We then returned to my office where I got the whole story. He had been buying these pieces on eBay to replace pieces that had been in his family. That was when I told him that in my opinion 50% of the paintings listed on eBay are fakes. He then pulled out of his briefcase some watercolors by well known western artists such as Beeler, Wieghorst and several others that he had purchased from a lady who said they were her father's collection and the real thing. Guess what? They weren't and they couldn't even pass for real with my 10 year old son. I believe that this gentleman will some day become a very serious collector. We shared perhaps a couple of hours together. I told him it was time to slow down and if he purchased one good piece a year he would soon have a fabulous collection. He thanked me and I am sure that we will stay in touch over the years.

He is a businessman so I asked him if the prices from his vendors for a product came in at $1000 at the lowest and $1500 at the highest but on the last day a vendor entered his office and said I can sell you that product for $100, what would you do? “I would kick him out of my office” he said. “Then why did you buy art that should have cost you $25,000 to $125,000 for $500? Isn't it the same situation?”

Remember mistakes can be made by dealers if the items they are selling aren't easy to research but if the items are available to everyone I doubt they will make many mistakes. Fakes survive because of people thinking that they have found something no one else knows. But if you take the time to become knowledgeable, fakes will never dent your armor. Here is the most amazing thing about this story. The gentleman had taken several of these paintings to an Antique Road Show and he had been assured that some were real. Unfortunately the person stating that these paintings were real must have been talking outside of his or her expertise. This is why it is often advisable to get a second opinion. If a doctor told me I had an incurable disease I can assure you I would get that second opinion.

Time, research and patience will be necessary for you to become the professional that you wish to be in the Fine Art and Antique business.

P.S. When you come into contact with someone selling fakes as originals turn them in for the good of all of us.

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