Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Picasso Plate - Thanks to sapergalleries.com

I seriously doubt that I will ever have a Picasso painting but that doesn't mean that I won't have a real Picasso. In the past I have written about the Picasso ceramics but their prices seem now to be coming back into favor. You should keep your eyes open for pieces stamped Madoura.

Over the last few years I have had several opportunities to buy pitchers and plates with the abstract designs of Picasso but their values were in a steep decline. This trend might have ended with the auction in London by Sotheby's that far out paced their estimates. This has generated interest again and now there are auctions on both coast offering several of these ceramics. Both Christie's and Bonham have new listings and if my guess is right they will do better than what the auction houses expect.

There is a wonderful lesson to be learned here and it is that as with stocks, there is no good or bad fine art, just prices that go up and down. A painting may be worth $1000 and six months later the value might have escalated to $50,000. I shared in a blog where I purchased a a painting for $16,000 and six months later sold it for $115,000 but how about the lady that purchased a painting for $18,000 that I finally sold for her for $1000? You would agree that one of these painting most people would call good but how about the second one? The only way to be sure about prices on fine art is to stay current and check where pieces have been sold recently. Since this is a current happening you may be able to get ahead of it before the general public is aware that something is going on.

I wish that I had my Madoura plate back that was stolen out of a mall where I had it displayed. The thieves actually stole it and never entered the building. You must be asking how did that happen? These thieves were special, they broke out the front window of the mall and also the side of my display case reached in from the outside and took several pieces, one of which was the Madoura plate. Thank goodness I had it insured for $7500 and this made me a happy fellow. Yes it is good to insure your better pieces even if it is for only a short time. You will find that a good insurance man or woman can service you and the cost is minimal.

Tomorrow I will follow up with Picasso prints. It is great to be back.

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