Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“Back to the Past” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - Anything for a '53 Olds Super 88

My Dream Car

I was riding around looking at all the cars that gather in Gatlinburg for the car show on the 4th of July and what did appear to my wandering eyes but a 1953 Olds Super 88. Why do I mention this in a blog I am sure you're asking? This was the first car my parents owned and I was twelve years old at the time. This could have been a Rolls Royce as far as I was concerned. You see I was brought up in a poor neighborhood where few owned cars and if they did own one it would have been used. I would give anything to own that car again, robin's egg blue and fast as a bullet. You see my parents didn't know it but as soon as I received my license I raced everything in sight.

Here we go again you are saying to yourself not know where this blog will go. Well, just think of a car that has meant something to you through the years. What would you pay to own it again? With the prices as they are today, it may be out of most people's reach to purchase the cars of their dreams but this is where models and toy cars come in to play. There are models that can be purchased for a few dollars or ones that command prices in the thousands. I know there is a market willing to pay whatever it takes to recapture the excitement of their old cars even if it is only by buying a model. Yes, if you find a “53 Olds model please call me.

I just received an auction flier from one of our members that contained perhaps 50 automobile models and my recommendation was for him to buy them all if the price was right. Most of these models were still in the original boxes which even made them more desirable. Whether you find the 24 inch models or the hot wheels, there is money to be make dealing in them. Yes the VW bus with a surf board on top did sell for over $18,000 dollars while I have seen large models approach the $100,000 mark. Whether it is plastic, tin or cast iron makes little difference if it is the right model.

I have shared with you how I missed out on owning a Edsel Convertible so that is definitely a car that holds interest for me and if I ran across the model of this car I am sure that I would pay a premium for it. However, when I was in high school I attended the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg car sale in Auburn, Indiana and a gentleman from St. Louis offered me a Cord with the rumble seat for $1800. I just wonder what it would be worth today?

I may, like most people, never have a car collection like Jay Leno's but I still can have a collection of models that I can set around and look at while dreaming of how things could have been. You can make yourself a lot of money with models of cars from the past.

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