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Who says you can't hit it rich with the right idea. Holt-Howard did and his creativity can make you big money. In the 50's and 60's everyone wanted to own a piece of his Pixieware. He produced those cute little condiment for Mustard, Ketchup and Jam'n Jelly. The little Pixie's became so popular that he extended his lines to include kittens.

These were made over seas in Japan and imported to this country. He knew he had a hit when his first production sold out almost immediately. His wares were so popular that many manufactures copied his designs. Companies such as Dayar, Lefton, Lipper&Mann and Napco soon joined in the popularity of these little figures. Today the original Holt-Howard pieces bring the most money and there were just 64 of the original designs.

Holt-Howard pieces can be marked which includes the date produced and often they will have a foil sticker also. The foil sticker bars the double H mark. Some of the cats and kitten pieces just had the foil so often it will be missing but if you have the Holt-Howard book you will be able to identify the originals.

In 2002 the present owners of the company made a cookie jar that was produced in China and it was so popular that the company had to reorder4 several times. There was never an original cookie jar in the line. These little cutes were expensive at one time but that has all changed. I have written about this company once before but felt it was necessary to do it again because of the growing popularity of these items.

At the present time there is a figure riding a seahorse that is listed for $2000. This is a collectible that is in favor and you shouldn't have any trouble getting the price you wish for the harder to find pieces. In the eBay listings there are several in the $1000 range and even then the prices don't drop much because the $500 to $700 range there are several more.

This would be a great book to add to your library and I am sure it can be purchase used on Abe Books or Amazon. These pieces often can be found in the kitchen at house sales and among the least expensive items at garage sales. Lets put some of the Holt-Howard pieces in our sack.

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  1. I have been trying to find info on a salt and pepper shaker I have.They are marked 1966 Holt-Howard Japan with the gold seal.They are Raggedy Ann and Andy and I cant find any info on them at all.Would you be so kind as to direct me to a proper resource.It would be greatly appreciated.