Monday, July 27, 2009

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Let It Forever Wave

The end of the change is upon us. What are you talking about many of you are saying? Well Obama was elected for change and he told us what that change was going to be but most didn't understand that it meant establishing a socialistic society. Now that he has played his hand, the country is abandoning him on all fronts. But how can that help us, the members of the club?

Do you remember 9/11? That is a great example of what happens went someone threatens this country. We band together and patriotism becomes the word of the day. There was no partisan bickering but only talk about how the honor of the USA had been threatened. During WWII, teenagers were enlisting by lying about their age because they were underage but wanted to fight for this country. Most of you are probably too young to remember but during those war years between 1940-1945 anything that was positive about the USA was being collected by the citizens of the country. Even school kids had bond books where they purchased stamps to put into the books and then they could be turned in for a savings bond that supported the war. Posters supporting the war were everywhere and the movies had clips about the war to encourage the viewers to support it. That was a time when all Americans were bonded together for the greatness of this country and nothing could defeat us. I believe now is a time where that patriotic spirit is going to be rekindled.

Anything that represents the good of this country will come back in favor such as our money that says under God on it and the statues of the Statute of Liberty. The flag will again represent all citizens and it will be coveted by those that love this country. Anything that shows the greatness of America will be a valued possession again. Historical documents and records will be searched out and added to the collections all over the country.The people of San Francisco who no longer believe the laws of this country pertain to them and Nancy Pelosi will be discredited and soon pass into the night as others have that wished the worst for this beloved country. I believe that you will start hearing people talk about the goodness of Americans and understand that we give more to the world than any other five countries put together.

While at those garage sales and house sales, search for things that make you proud of your country and they will turn into treasures for you. Rummage through the secondhand shops and Goodwill stores for items that once brought proud of ownership to those who sacrificed for this country. Believe me, they will be treasured again as we right this ship. Yes it took the election of a President that wants to change this country into a European socialist country to wake us up but the spirit is being awakened and I am seeing its shadow grow everyday. I heard Glen Beck say if you want to take this country back, follow me. I am here to say I am ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim the country that so many have died for. This country wasn't founded to provide every citizen the right to have whatever they wish for but the opportunity to succeed if they were willing to work. I told an older lady that our dictionary should take two words out of its contents, they being "responsibility" and "accountability".

I may be very naive but I think this is going to change. People will again have to be thankful for what they are given and not believe that just because they live in this country they have the right to whatever pleases them. I think it is time for every citizen to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights so that they know what being a citizen of the greatest country on earth entitles them to.

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