Tuesday, September 1, 2009

“Hummels Coming Back” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Earlier than I thought.

HUMMELS - Thanks to www.gibsoncityillinois.com

I have been wrong before but still I thought it would take five years or more before the Hummel market could be revived. In fact I had put this market on the back burner and planned to erase it from my wish list of treasures for a while. I believe that I under estimating the effect that Goebel ceasing to product these figurines would have on the marketplace. This unfortunately effected my thinking and now I have to reverse coarse and reconsider what I want to do with Hummels in the future.

In October of 2008 Goebel announced that they would no longing manufacture the Hummel figurines after February 2009. However a new company formed by investors took the challenge and said they were going to product these figurines however they started with only 30 employee's and that might make it difficult for them to succeed. We know now that the last piece has been made by Goebel and that now the serious collectors can again start completing their collections of the original Hummels.

From a market where there were few bids for Hummels I now find that the larger pieces are commanding $500 to $1500 which still isn't bad for just a figurine. Knowing that there will no longer be any of the Goebel pieces product will make originals much more desirable just like when an artist dies his painting sky rocket in price.

It may be time to look for multiple pieces that you can purchase at the right price but continue to realize that the older the mark on a Hummels the more valuable it will be. If there are ones with the Crown or Full Bee mark those will be the ones most sought after.

There are several larger Hummels being offered on eBay that exceed $1000 such as: The nativity series for $2800, Adventure Bound $2550, and the Umbrella Boy and Girl for $2450. These pieces still haven't been sold but figurines like the : Harmony in Four Parts $532, Land in Sight $531, pleasant Journey $485 and Chapel Time $450 have sold. This leads me to believe the market in Hummels is stabilizing and perhaps the low has been reach. This is when you should re-enter this market and the ride up should produce some fantastic profits for you.

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