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“ Men Can Get in The Act “ Mens Ties - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - Neckties.

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You know it seems like men have been left out of the fashion world when it comes to clothing and its desirability but I may have a surprise for you. Mens shoes don't sell like womens and their attire doesn't meet the astronomical prices that the designer dresses bring but lets look at men ties.

Yes mens ties can put money in your pocket, especially if they are by the right designer. Most of the ties that are bringing big money are from the 30's and 40's eras. Do you remember those wide ties that seemed to almost touch the ground? Often those ties had outrageous designs that seemed to come from outer space. I can still see the dancers as their ties were flying in the wind with dances such as the fox trot and swing. Those times seem so for away but they were fun and the people were happy, so what has happen today.

There are several types of ties to watch for the first being those of well know designers such as Gianni Verace. The second most sought after ties would be those with pretty girl or animals decorating them and third would be just great old ties with outstanding designs. The wonderful thing about ties is usually you find more than one at a time and they often are from the same era so if one is from the 40's then there may be a dozen from those years.

I have found that most ties are priced from $.50 to a $1.00 and considering that the right one can command prices as high $500 or more this makes them treasures and definitely worth watching for. Don't be surprised as you hunt for ties that one will pop up and have a signature on it. You see in years past whenever someone met a celebrity they often would have them sign their tie. Back seventy years ago most people didn't have a lot but if they could get a movie star or sport figure to sign their tie it immediately became a true keep sake. I wish that I had kept my Dad's old ties but they got lost in the shuffle after his death. But second thought if I had kept them they wouldn't be for sale at any price.

During these difficult times when it is hard to turn a buck just thinking about spending $1.00 and receiving $200 in return seems to way to go, so at the next garage or house sale you attend don't pass by the closet where the mens ties are hanging.

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