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The tide is turning slowly for collectibles but the old reliable items always return to their past values first. I believe the reason for this is that there will always be a hard core of collectors for the best of each collectible and when the values drop too far they are the first to step in and buy the bargains.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, let's examine the market for cookie jars. For the last two years no matter where I went, antique malls, second hand shops or house sales, there have always been a generous supply of cookie jars being offered with no takers. This trend of rejecting cookie jars seems to be abating. I have noticed a significate interest again in the cookie jars and now they seem to be the first items that the purchasers are picking up and, guess what, not many of them are being set back down on the table.

I believe that if you keep your eye out for the rarer cookie jars, you will find it easy to reach our goal of doubling our money by purchasing them. These jars never seem to lose popularity, even if their market value drops for a short period of time. Too many little boys and girls slipped into their grandmother's kitchen and put their little hands into the cookie jar without asking for the cookie jar to ever pass from our memory.

But you know we are talking about making money so I will give you a short list of jars that I believe will do that very thing. Bubbles the Hippo by Metlox will always be a winner, Dino by American Bisque will also never leave you with a frown on your face if you stumble across one. The horse by American Bisque and Little Red Riding Hood with a full skirt by Regal should put $500 and more in your pocket if found. Then you have Mammy, the Mohawk Indian, Pink Cadillac and many others that should pad your pockets. There are many Cookie Jar guide books that you can buy on Amazon or Abe Books for very little money, but only use them for identification not current value. Their values should be obtained by searching for current prices.

I would suggest that you browse the completed auctions on eBay and I believe then you will agree with me that this market is back into an uptrend. Now is the time to strike this market before everyone realizes that there is a change happening.

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