Saturday, September 19, 2009

“Miniatures Collectibles equal Dollars” - Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectibles - By the Inch.

We arrived in Owensboro, Kentucky after a very nice but short stay in Jeffersonville, Indiana to drop off my two Patty Thum paintings. They are to be shown for two months in the museum’s show there and I will receive a book of all the paintings in the show. This is very exciting to me because I personally collect Patty Thum paintings.

Arriving in Owensboro, I called my friend Cecil and we immediately headed to Evansville, Indiana for the Don Sohn Auction. We previewed all that was going to be offered on Friday and guess what? It was a wasted trip. But in the section slated for Saturday’s sale, Cecil pointed out this small, less than two inch, stoneware Kentucky jug. He asks “What do you think this piece will bring? “ My guess was maybe $250 to which he said “Your not half way there yet.” “Think $500 or a thousand and you will be closer.” This got me to thinking where could I find some of these jugs. My first thought was where they were made but soon I realized that probably would be the worst place because the people that lived there would know their value. But how about all the people that visited the distillerys and wanted to take a souvenir home from their visit? Jackpot! Yes, these jugs should be able to be found priced at $1.00 or less all over the country and most people would think of them as garage sale items. So look for miniature Kentucky jugs and if they have advertising they will bring even me money.

What about other miniatures you ask? I had a friend that with her husband they produced miniature rooms. One room they made was an art gallery with original works of art. There were three pieces in the gallery two paintings and a sculpture. The entire group was made by artists that were well listed. I saw the invoice that showed each piece was bought for $1,000 or more and I continued to pursue purchasing the room until the lady moved and put a huge smile on your face. A treasure out there that may be worth as much as $25,000 so if you see it I am still interested

Then there are the Charles Lotton vases under 2 inches that I was buying for just a few dollars a few years ago but today they are bringing $500 or more and in my opinion that is a bargain in the future they will bring $2,500. Gallee and Daum miniatures often reach $2,500 to $5,000 already and Lotton’s as good if not better. Check all glass miniatures that you come across they could bring huge smiles to your face. The Doulton penguins will sell for $250 plus and Vickie bought, I think six, for us at $35 each, yes miniatures are in.

Think small as you are out in the marketplace because to many don’t see value in miniatures but I can assure you they are wrong. This theory even extends to miniature furniture and pieces of this can bring thousands of dollar if the are early pieces. I like the characters in that movie “Mom I Shrank the Children” and all the miniatures they need to live. This would give me a great market for all the items you find but believe me there are full sized people that will search you out if you have the true treasures in the miniature world.

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