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I have enjoyed the summer but now Joshua, my son, is back in school and I am trying to find things that will keep Josh and me interested in some of the same activities. I don't know about you but if your children are like Josh, it is computers, television or sports and I have to admit I often feel left out. So here is a suggestion. Why don't we, the parents and kids of the "Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club", start a refrigerator magnet club together? This way as we browse the sales we can take our children and find neat magnets that can be sold, traded or collected.

I did a quick check on the Internet and didn't find any magnet clubs that are presently active. This being said, you may remember that earlier I said that if you wanted to be successful, one way was to start your own club. Wouldn't this be fun and a wonderful way for our children to see what can be accomplished with a little effort. By starting our own magnet club with the children we would be the market and I can guarantee you there will be profits to be made.

It seems that the better magnets sell on eBay from $2 to $15. If our children can purchase them for 10 cents to a quarter, I believe their eyes will shine with every purchase and sale they make. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of magnets covering almost any subject you could ever be interested in. This could get as big as hot wheels or Pokemon cards.

I would like for some of you to help me with suggestions on how to proceed with this effort. We already have the Kid Connections on our website and perhaps this could be our center of operations. I can just see it now where all the schools would be little market where the kids would learn about capitalism and free enterprise. The ACLU might try to stop us but I don't think they could.

Please email me if you think this might work and then if you do, we could start our own exchange. I believe this could be fun for all the family. We could even suggest to the kids that this venture might lead to the payment for their college education like my coin collection did for me.

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