Monday, September 14, 2009

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My New Music

I am beginning to change my passion for music and to my surprise there seem to be many of us that are doing that very thing. No longer do Rock and Roll or Jazz and Blues hold my interest but classical music puts me in a a mood of reflection. Is it because I am getting older? No, I think it has more to do with how I am seeing the world.

With classical music I can feel and hear the different instruments as they contribute to the overall piece. This music seems to speak to me the way no other is at this moment and it gives me a sense of peace. Maybe that is because the world is swirling around me and at every turn I feel confusion and frustration. But playing some classical music seems to allow me to put all things in prospective.

For my own interest and the possibility of picking up a few albums for myself, I typed in "classical music" on the eBay site and I was amazed at what I found. When other collectibles are having a hard time selling on eBay and maybe only one out of ten listings are even receiving a bid, classical albums are receiving almost 100% sales ratings. This is why I stated earlier that I must not be the only one interested in this music. Yes often the sales were for multiple albums, but I don't care because when I can purchase 100 albums for under $25 at most garage and house sales, my investment will be very limited at best. In fact I was offered a 50,000 album collection not long ago for under $5000. I didn't purchase them at that time because I thought that the work to sell them wouldn't be worth my effort but today I believe I would reconsider my decision.

What I found on eBay was that there were a lot of groups of albums selling for over $300 with most of the groups containing less that 40 albums. It didn't take me long to do the math and this is what I came up with: most albums, if you purchase them in groups, will cost you on average 10 – 50c apiece. If you purchase 40, even at the high end your investment will be $20. Then as you sell the group of albums for $300 I would say that they meet and exceed of goal of compounding our money, wouldn't you agree?

One of the rules that I have shared with you so often is to buy what others are willing to spend their money on at the present time and I think that I have found that perfect item, classical albums. In fact here is the reason I believe this is happening. People love music and the outlay of cash for a decent collection of music compared to anything else you might wish to purchase is very small. Turn off the radio and television along with the computer and music seems to me to be a great alternative for keeping our sanity in the confusing world. God Bless.

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