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Where is the time going? I have to say I don't know. I remember when children were preparing at this time of year for winter by taking their last fling on a roller coaster or merry-go-round at their local amusement park. The one I remember best was Beach Bend in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I also remember the different fares that were offered such as the cotton candy or candied apple that I seem to be tasting as I write this blog. Children today want to go to the movies or watch television. The rest of their time is spent with radios blaring in there ears or having their eyes stuck to the computer screen playing video games. What lasting memories will they be left with for their summer, I wonder.

The question that I ask myself is if ipods, computers and video games were available when I was young, would that have been where I would have spent my time? I sincerely hope that it wouldn't have been and I have to admit that the old time amusement park still holds an allure for me as I daydream about them, even today. I could never get enough time at the parks and I always hoped that my parents would take me just one more time before school started.

I would ask my parents for just one more trip to the park where I could spend those last magical days and hours of the year before going off to school for the new year, which I never looked forward to. It has been almost fifty years since I have enjoyed all the amusement parks offered but I believe that I could recall almost ever ride I rode on and every game I played at the last park I attended. Even the smell of the old park comes back to me as I envision waiting in line for each ride or trying my hand at the arcade games. These memories must be the same for a lot of people because memorabilia from amusement parks are eagerly sought after by collectors.

To give you some examples, I will list a few from Coney Island. How would you like to own a horse gambling wheel for $4500 or an original bumper car from the park for $4000? If these don't fit the bill for you, maybe a wooden shop sign for $1600 or a pamphlet at $200 would do the trick. Coney Island was just one of the amusement parks that drew national attention years ago. There was also the Boardwalk in Atlantic City and Riverview in Chicago. Items from these parks are just as collectible as those from Coney island. There is money to be made with these collectibles and there will never be a time that you will have to search very long to find your buyer.

If you never had to opportunity to visit a real amusement park I hope that this blog will encourage you to at the next chance you have.

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