Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Uncle Wiggily 11 - Thanks to

I will be returning to Chicago today and it may take me a couple of days to answer all your emails but I will do that as quickly as possible. The trip has been disappointing as far as the treasures I found, but while at the Sohn auction I did get reacquainted with an old friend of mine. Uncle Wiggly was a comic character when I was young and when I saw some of his old adventure books for sale at the auction I just had to leave a bid. I wrote a blog about Uncle Wiggly on 8/12 but it had been quite awhile since I had the opportunity to buy more of his pieces.

Finding these books gives me a chance to share a principle with you that has made me successful in the Antique and Fine Art markets for many years. In my book “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” I state that your knowledge in these markets should come in layers like the pages of a book. When you start gathering this knowledge by going to the book store and looking at the guides and reference books presented there you will begin putting the pages of your book of knowledge together. First, it may just be a few pages and that is completely acceptable but you must persist until the book is filled. You’re going to be presented with the opportunities to buy items at garage and house sales and you will become more confident daily. You may be overwhelmed at first but as those pages of your book of knowledge are filled that will happen less and less.

Now on a regular basis I realize that my book is not as complete but it is substantial and with every discovery of items such as the Uncle Wiggly books I am thankful of the time that I have spent collecting this knowledge. You will feel the same way as you venture out more and more and realize that the knowledge base you’re working from is expanding each and every day.

I hope that when I return I will be able to share more tidbits that will add to your success and maybe I should spent some time by revisiting some of the basic ideas that are included in my book. I am beginning to look back and see that most of the items that you will be looking for have been covered in past blogs so hopefully you will be asking for information that you feel hasn’t be covered sufficiently or perhaps I have missed.

The purpose of these bloge is to help in your success and if the information that they cover isn’t helping you on a daily basis, I need to reconsider the direction that I am taking. Please help me by emailing ideas that will help you but also other readers when I share your questions. Never forget this is your company and one that I hope you will continue to be proud of by your participation in it.

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