Thursday, September 24, 2009

“Where's the Jobs?” Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Many don't know.

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The most satisfying part of being associated with the “Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectible Club” is that every member has a job. Yes, it might not pay all the bills but remember that wasn't the purpose of forming the club in the first place. Our goals were to let you earn enough money to meet your financial needs and then earn your retirement money from your club membership and the information that it provides for you. I am so thankful each day as I receive emails telling me what our club means to so many.

I had a very interesting experience last night when I thought that I had been invited to a political meeting. It was really, however, a meeting of people out of work looking to network together in hopes of finding a job. One of my friends was the guest speaker and later I got to interact with the people there. To my surprise, not a one of them had any idea about providing for themselves and all they could talk about was the ideal job that they were searching for. I started talking about how they could make money while they were looking for that perfect job and it wouldn't cost them anything. The looks that I received made me feel like an alien from outer space. Even after giving them examples of what I was talking about, I could see that the light wasn't going on. What has happened to the the idea of frontiers to conquer and new fields to plow? Have we become a nation that is entirely dependent on others for our welfare?

Only through knowledge can we defeat the prevailing attitude that we are worthless unless someone is willing to hire us to work for them. I learned early on that if someone wants to hire me it isn't so they can lose money but rather so that if they pay me $100,000 they can make $400,000 off my efforts. My daddy didn't raise an idiot and he told me that if I could make money for someone else, I could make it for myself and guess what, I would never be fired either.

This meeting convinced me even more that we are on the right track with the club and I can't wait to get back into the race. Yes I have been a little complacent but no more. Watch out world, here I come. Back to the books, on to the garage and house sales, more hours on the Internet and I will be visiting any auction within a hundred miles of my house. You can bet I am on fire again. I just needed a little attitude adjustment and looking into the dead eyes of so many people last night did it for me. No I don't want to be a zombie without a purpose and begging someone to save me. I hope that you my readers are on the same train I'm riding.

Where are those paintings, pottery vases, art glass pieces and so many other things that I know will make me money if I just get out and start looking again? When I got home last night I felt like my own worst enemy but no more. Yes Dad, I do understand what you taught me and hopefully I won't forget again. I promise to share the knowledge you gave me with everyone I come in contact with. I can't wait till we are together again and I can tell you how right you were. God Bless

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