Monday, September 7, 2009

“The Past “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - But what is new?

Stay Tuned

I was going over the blogs that I have written for more than a two year period and realized that most of them were about what I have done in the past. Yes, those blogs were intended to educate the readers and give them direction toward items that would make them money but I as I read them I began to ask myself “What have I done lately”?

That is a fair question - because my primary attention has been on upgrading the website and finding the right people to take the “Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club” to the next level. I feel however that by giving all my attention on the structure of the club, I have short changed the readers by not showing them what can be accomplished by doing the plan that I set out in my book, myself.

Yes, the first attempt to demonstrate the power of compounding by the club met with great success when $100 was turned into $7,500 in just six months. This represented 750% return on the money in a very short period of time. However, I haven't stayed focused on continuing the “31 Steps” of success on a regular basis. I hope to start doing that again from this moment forward because I recently connected with a firm that can relieve me of the primary obligation of tending to the necessary everyday maintenance of the club's site. I will be bringing you more information on our new partners next week and hope to be able to share what they have in mind for the development of the club's site at that time.

Because of the technical aspects of “Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible site”, I haven't been able to update the “Million Dollar Race” inventory page but I do have some great news to share with you. The club did purchase several paintings at one time and in that grouping one of the paintings sold for $25,000. Once I am able to update the inventory, you will be able to see that the club is still heading to the finish line at full speed and if you hope to beat us there, you will have to kick it up a notch. There are many places for a person to get information but at the 31 Club there is more for members of the club than just information. We are in this together and will succeed together.

In the coming weeks I hope to report more progress being made with the purchase of some wonderful treasures from auctions, house and garage sales, plus purchases from individuals by the club. Also, the way these new purchases are sold will be shared in future blogs. This should demonstrate where and how items that are purchased can be sold most effectively. Most of our members have been very patient but I believe that your patience is close to being rewarded so stay tuned for the excitement to come.

If you haven't checked your progress lately it would be a great time to do so because we are going to be in the home stretch of our race very soon. This is the time to follow the straight line to the finish and a refresher course of reading our guide book might be in order.

Stay tuned.

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