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Every Antique and Collectible has its day and that is what we should be keeping our eye no. Yes most of the items that were so briskly sought after a few years ago have dropped in market value but we have to know when they have reached the bottom and they may start to regain their past values. I believe this is the time to take notice of quality bronze sculptures.

There have been at least two situations that have contributed to the drop in value of Bronzes. First we have a market that has been plummeted by this recession and second people are very leery of bronze sculptures today because of the number of fakes or reproductions. However we shouldn't get caught in the frame of mind that bronzes have no value today because the true artist pieces actually should be more valuable today than they were several years ago. All market cycles tend to over do a correction both up and down and in my opinion bronzes have dropped far past their actual values. This applies to all real bronze pieces whether figurines, candelabrum's or other items..

I sold a bronze candelabrum for $2500 about eight years ago and today I would be lucky to get $500 for it but the actual value probably would be over $5000 if I could find the true collector. The same situation happen with a Chiparus figurine that bought me over $1500 but when I look on eBay its value now may be only $500. These prices in todays market are out of tune with the true artistic value of these pieces. Remember that there will be no more of the first cast bronzes ever made again because the molds were destroyed. Yes there can be recast of the original castings but they will be made by using one of the originals to make a new molds so the size will always be different.

There are many names of artist that worked in bronze that you should watch for and I will list just a few: Erte, Frishmuth, Matisse, Meme, Rodin, Chiparus, Degas and Remingtom. All of these have been reproduced so you will have to do you research to be assured that you are buying the genuine article. Some of my friends have been fortunate enough to buy what were called fakes by the sellers but proved to be the real thing and their reward for knowing the difference made them a great deal of money.

Here is a story for you, in the western suburbs of Chicago there was this house sale where they were offering a large bronze and if I remember right the price was about $12,500. Finding no takers the piece was consigned to an auction where the final hammer price was $125,000 plus. That would make you think that perhaps it would be worth you time to do a little study on bronzes. Now for a sad story, I was attending a house sale and found this rather small Remington bronze of a cowboy priced at $850 but not being as knowledgeable on bronzes as I would like to be I decided to go home and research it. There it was in one of my bronze book valued at about $25,000 so I almost broke my neck racing to the car and sped back to the sale. Entering the front door I raced to the table where I had found it but to no great surprise it had been sold. That night I am sure there was one happy camper out there somewhere and if you spend some time studying bronzes that same thing could happen to you.

This is the time that great men and women rise to the top so I will meet you at the peak.

Sorry for all the grammar mistakes this week but Ondre is on her way back to save me.

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