Friday, September 25, 2009

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Judd"s Auctions - Thanks to Marilee Judd

It is so nice to get acquainted with an old friend again and that is what happened to me when I received an email from Judd's Auction. You see a few years ago, I ran into a young lady that wanted to start an Auction House south of Chicago. Her spirit told me she would be successful, however, over the last year I have to admit to losing track of her. Shame on me. I figured that like most people in this business the last year would have taken a toll on her, but I was wrong.

Receiving the email, I quickly pulled up her site and to my amazement it has grow from a simple beginning to where I could hardly believe my eyes. The lady's name is Marilee Judd and her company is Judd's Auction Gallery Inc. Even during these difficult times, it looks as if she has continued to have regular auctions and since she made it through these times, I believe that her future in this business is very bright. If you would ever wish to consign anything to one of her auctions just mention my name and I believe she will go all out to make you one of her customers.

I spent quite some time last night looking over her auction for today and, guess what? I will be calling her to submit a few bids on the phone. This is the type of auction that I have written about before that can produce items that might meet your needs and also create a new friend who can be looking out for merchandise that your customer wants to buy. In my book, "31Steps to Your Million in Antiques and Collectibles", I suggested that you locate all the auction houses within 100 miles of you and get on their mailing list. These auctions within driving distance should give you more than an ample supply of merchandise to fulfill your needs, plus you will have another set of eyes looking for items that will fill your inventory.

After checking Marilee's auction I realized that she had a very good assortment of items and almost anyone could find something of interest in this auction. There are marbles, old postcards, Indian pottery, stoneware, jewelry and etc. I won't reveal what I am going to bid on but hopefully we won't be knocking heads on everything I leave a bid on. Getting away from the large auction houses and utilizing the regional or local auction will pay off in spades for you. Good luck [ Remember we don't depend on luck but Knowledge] but I have a hard time not using that phrase.

I hope to start giving you more ideas of where to find the treasures you're seeking in upcoming blogs because the new auction season is quickly approaching and I hope that we will be prepared for it. This year isn't over yet and with three months remaining let's see if we can make this the best year ever for us. Then when people tell us how hard it's been we can state, “Not for me. It's been a great year.”

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