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Fostoria - Thanks to www.maxframe.com

The Fostoria Glass Company was founded in 1887 in Fostoria Ohio but soon moved to Virgina in 1891. They were successful form the beginning however their heydays were in the 1920. This beautiful crystal was made in clear and colored glass with the colored pieces the most sought after today. The factory closed in 1983 but was later purchased and some patterns are be produced today from the old molds. The company that owns the name today says that the new pieces can be easily identified.

Because Fostoria glass was made over a rather extended period of time therefore there are large amounts of pieces available to the collectors and this makes it quite popular. The most popular pattern of Fostoria glass remains American but there are many other patterns that quick the collectors interest. Some of the patterns of glass made by the Fostoria company that are sought after are Baroque, Century, Chintz, Coin, Colony, Fairfax, Hermitage and Jamestown. I have owned many pieces of Fostoria but to the best of my memory the piece that I sold for the most money was a Versailles Vase that brought just over $500.

If you have purchased the Kovels' Antique and Collectible price guide as I have suggested you will fine a generous listing of Fostoria by pattern and price. Here are a few pieces to look for: American biscuit jar $800, American covered bowl $1000, American wash bowl $2000, Colony punch bowl $1000, Minuet decanter $2200, and Versailles vase $825. However The Fostoria Value Guide by Emily Seale and Milbra Long should be a part of your permanent library and it will give you more information than the Kovels”. Fostoria usually came with a paper label but since most of these have been removed pieces can be identified through your guides.

In these periods where people are unsure of their financial well being they often sell their everyday items and you will find no shortage of Fostoria being offered a house and garage sales. Consignment shops and goodwill store are other great places to find Fostoria and it can usually be purchase rather reasonably.

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