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I am constantly told that yes there is money to be made if the older things from your era are found but how about items from my era? Boy does that make me feel ancient. However I know that everyone that is entering the field of antiques, collectibles and fine art aren't as old as I am. So I give them the simple answer, yes there are many treasures to be found that aren't ancient as I am. The follow up question is then what are they?

Hating to tell them items that I can't include in my childhood stories I have to ponder for just a minute but usually one will appear in my mind. For instance I just thought of how many people love James Bond and I am sure that there are many collectors just waiting for a call about some rare item that you have in your possession and are willing to sell that has something to do with Mr. Bond.

Never being really being a big fan of Mr. Bond I have to confess that I enjoyed the gadgets and his bevy of beautiful women. I hope that Vickie my wife doesn't read this blog but hopefully she would understand. You see James was a rather dashing specimen of a man and the ladies were unable to resist his magnetic charm. Every young mans dream, yes. His movies usually were about all the dangerous adventures he partook in but escaped only to end with him going off into the sunset with the beautiful woman. Ian Fleming was a brilliant writer and his Bond character will withstand the test of time.

It isn't hard to understand why his movies were such success and the great demand for anything to do with the great James Bond. But what is the collector looking for to remind them of this wonderful adventure that they shared with Mr. Bond.

The James bond watch was so fascinating that people are now willing to pay over $2000 for one and the movie posters bring even bigger money. Just to list two poster from a Bond films the “Doc No” is priced at $19,995 while the “From Russia With Love” is going for $5000. There are other items that will make you smile, a letter by Ian Fleming will fetch $2500 while a toy gun named James Bond Tommy Buster MIB could ring in at $1525. Even the books of Bonds episodes are expense like the first edition “Doc No” bringing $1400.

This is and area of collecting that is going to increase so now is the time to get abroad. Happy hunting.

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