Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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I have quoted the little book “Acres of Diamonds” before in blogs but I think that a look back at it may be in order. It tells of a man that spent his life in search of a fortune but never succeeded. Returning home dejected and ready to quit, he discovered diamonds in his own back yard.

This book was written by Russell Herman Conwell in 1917 and has sold millions of copies. Why would people still search this book out after so many years? The answer is that it is as relevant today as it was 95 years ago. We don't have to travel around the world searching for our fortunes because most people that find theirs are within a short distance of their home. I hear people constantly saying if only I live in New York, Chicago or Los Angles then I would become rich. But let me share with you what I see.

There is a young man who lives in Jacksonville Florida, now that isn't a metropolis, who purchased a painting for $25 and later sold it for $600,000 or the lady in Evansville Indiana that purchased an Indian blanket for a small amount but sold it for over $150,000. Not wanting to leave out my friend Cecil who bought a Kentucky Derby Glass, I think in Henderson Kentucky, for $12 and soon placed it with a new owner for $12,500. I could continue to tell these stories for at least five blogs but I think these stories are enough to prove my point, that the little book written so many years ago is still relevant today. Yes, your fortune might be right where you are now, but if you only dream about other places where your fortune might be located, then there is a chance you will never find it.

One place I believe our members should look is in our own marketplace. Many of the listings have been there for many months and now may be priced fairly with enough profit to be made on them that they would meet our requirements for doubling our money. Don't be afraid to make offers for the items that are listed in the marketplace because you don't know what the sellers would take now that they have been listed for some time. Also go back to the places where you have spotted treasures but the asking prices were too high for you. If these items are still available maybe a 50% offer would be entertained. I think back to my own experiences where I offered $15,000 for a painting that was priced to me for $25,000. Yes I did have to pay up for it with the final price $16,000 but six months later I sold it for $115,000.

Dreams are just that, dreams, but action speaks louder than words so now is the time to get back in the game. Talking about how bad things are will never make you a dime. A lady called me about a painting she owns and I believe that soon I may have a chance to purchase it or at least represent her in the sale of the painting. If this comes about it should be the second best trade that I have ever made. Just keep filling that pipeline and I assure you that over time you will get your share of deals. As others stand asking how you do it, you will be basking in your success. “Go get them mate.” I sort of like the way that sounds, don't you?

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