Saturday, September 12, 2009

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It all started out like a normal day, Joshua going to school early for tech club, me preparing for the opening of the stock market and Vickie heading downtown for work. The mid part of the day was uneventful with me picking up Josh from school and heading to a friend's house to assist in preparing for a party.

But then everything changed and I may never be the same again. You see Josh's little friend Nick appeared at the door and wondered if I could let him play with our dog Katie until Josh got back from soccer practice. Seemed like a reasonable request to me so I said sure. It had been just a few minutes until I heard Nick scream and I rushed to the door fearful that something horrible had happened. Nick looked rattled and said that Katie had run off so I reassured him that I would get her back. Yelling at the top of my voice that dog came a runnin' straight past me and into the house where she quickly ran through every room in the house.

Being close behind her, I began to smell a very familiar aroma. She had been skunked. With no time to spare, I hustled her out of the house and started treatment, washing her in a mixture of peroxide, baking soda and detergent. It was then that the kids of the neighborhood began running around laughing and holding their noses. This is the point where the situation got serious.

Vickie, my wife, returned home, entered the house and said she was going to divorce me. Her question was “What are we going to do now because you know we are going to have company?” To make matters worse I began to laugh. Opening every window in the house and putting fans in the windows didn't help a lick so it was off to Meatheads where we went for our burgers. Returning home with our guest, the smell had even gotten stronger. Now we even took more drastic measures like putting scented candles in every room. Finally, not being able to stand it any longer, we attempted to go to bed with burning lips and eyes from that wonderful aroma.

Even this can be turned into an opportunity, however, because did you know there are skunk collectors? I found where a Steiff skunk sold for $400, a windup toy skunk from Japan brought $260 and last, a stuffed real skunk fetched $235. Yes, you may make money with skunks but be sure they aren't the real things.

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