Friday, September 18, 2009

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Kentucky - Thanks to

The week should prove to be interesting for me and my family as we are headed to God's country as we call it, Kentucky. The trip is to wish my wife's nephew the best as he leaves for Iraq Monday. By the way, did you see the Medal of Honor presented yesterday? I have to admit my eyes were filled with tears. What others give so that we can live as free people sometimes overwhelms me.

However, this trip is going to be so much more besides honoring Nick. Our first stop is going to be Jeffersonville, Indiana to drop off two paintings by a Kentucky artist, Patty Thum, to be displayed for two months in their museum and then entered into the catalog of Patty Thum's works. These are perhaps the only paintings that I have purchased that Vickie has ever liked and by having them in the museum and catalog, their value will only go up.

Next, I will be attending an auction in Evansville, Indiana with my friend Cecil on Saturday and hopefully there will be stories to tell of great treasures that were found when I return to Chicago. The auction that we will be attending is the Sohn's auction and the owner, Don, is a personnel friend. I mentioned his auction in my last blog. With Vickie's permission, I hope to stop at a few malls along the way and see how the mall business is doing. It is so interesting to talk to the proprietors of the malls to hear their views on the latest trends in this business of antiques and collectibles. As you can tell, my business is never far from me and I would like to encourage you to have the same perspective. You never know where that little gem might turn up that could make your year if you only had your eyes open.

I have told you before that when I travel most of my reference material stays at home but I will make every attempt to publish a blog each day that will at least add to your desire to stretch your abilities just a little further until you achieve the success that you desire.

Hopefully, when I return to Chicago my emails will be overflowing with questions or stories from you the member, that will take months to answer. I am your servant and if you don't use me I will get lazy and forget how to do what I do best and that is serve you. And even though I feel that I have tried your patience, I will have news about the site to share with you next week.

I do have a request, please say a little prayer for Josh, Vickie and I for safe travels while we are away, I know God will hear it.

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