Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Our club was created for the members so that they could compete in the world of Antiques, Fine Art and Collectibles. This competitive edge is achieved in several ways shared knowledge through the daily blog, our marketplace and the resources that are available for use by merely asking. However, the most advantageous benefit to our members is the Associates Program. Once our new site is up and running, we will feature this benefit but today I have to share with you how one member just used it.

Gretchen has been a member of the “ Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club “ for just a few months but during that time she has been very active in her pursuit of items that could be purchased with the help of the “Associates Program”. Having called the company on numerous occasions but being disappointed each time, her comment was “do you think my time will ever come?) Gretchen's time came last night with the purchase of five paintings at auction that now will be sold by the club and she will be a full partner in the profits. I asked you to remember our “slogan” You eye it , we buy it and together we split the profit. Hopefully one of these paintings will prove to be a real treasure because Gretchen is a professional art dealer. If only one turns out to be that treasure she has searched for, her month or year might well be made. Even if there isn't a great find amongst the five, I feel confident that our goal at the club will be reached.

If you are a member of our club and aren't using the “Associates Program” you are missing out. I know that during these hard times most people are a little reluctant to spend money even if they think they have found a bargain to purchase but with this program you don't have to spend a cent and you still share in the profits. There isn't another program in America like this one and every member should be taking advantage of it.

I will be reporting to you about Gretchen's success later and I think that everyone will be applauding her for the great wisdom she used by partnering with the club in these purchases. Remember it could be you.

We are here to help.

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