Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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Van Briggle

One of the first blogs I wrote was on eBay and my experiences with it. If you read that blog you will remember that when eBay started I was one of its first users. I was a buyer because everyone was afraid to purchase anything on that site. Some of the best buys I have made were purchased off eBay in those early years. I couldn't sell anything there but “wow” were there bargains to be had.

I believe that we have come full circle and because of the economy people for all practical purposes have stopped purchasing items on eBay . Why do I say that you are asking? Well this week I found a small piece of Van Briggle listed but out of place. Due to its size (under two inches) I thought it would be a great addition to my miniature collection and it was priced under $15. While I was on the eBay site for Van Briggle I decided to just scan what other pieces were being offered. Let me tell you the prices for pieces I think are fairly good Van Briggles were selling for nothing. I haven't seen prices that low for over 25 years and you would have to make money on them at these prices regardless.

Tonight I got a call from Cecil my friend in Owensboro, Kentucky and before I could share with him about the Van Briggle he started talking about Rookwood. That shouldn't be surprising considering his email is “You wouldn't believe the prices on eBay for Rookwood” is the way he started the conversation. “What do you mean?” was my response. "Well I just offered a person $75 for an artist signed piece of Rookwood, do you believe that?" This is where I couldn't resist and I told him about the Van Briggle. We must have talked an hour and after looking up some other items it was apparent that the prices on eBay have hit lows not seen as far as I can remember.

Here is a little strategy, pick four or five companies that in the past have held your interest and go to eBay completed sales and look up the items produced by these companies . If you find items that are rather nice but received no bids, email the seller and offer ½ of their starting price. Since there were no bids, if they relist these items at an even lower price, the chances are they still won't receive a bid. But here is the secret. If you can purchase them for 1/2 price, you will be able to sell these items to collectors directly or even put them in local auctions where you should still be able to double your money or more.

I am finding it difficult to believe that I am writing a blog and telling the reader to purchase items off eBay but the opportunity to make money by doing so is just to great. Happy shopping.

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