Saturday, September 5, 2009

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What Your Looking For Might Be Here - Thanks to

Over the last couple of years I have suggested to my readers that anything that can be bought in quantity might be worth while. Boxes of hot wheels, coins, hummels, ties, figurines and paintings are just a few examples of things that I have suggested you buy in past blogs.

Did I say ties. What a coincident in fact I just wrote on buying groups of ties yesterday and what did I get an email on today, you guessed it ties. But before I get to the ties I ask you to remember the story where I bought three boxes of Boehm dogs for around $3000 that sold for $25,000 or the hummels that were purchased for a little over $8000 which brought $25,000 and then there were the 300 or so Disney Original figures in the green boxes the that I am sure profited me by at least $40,000 even after splitting some of the profit with my friend Warner. These figures can be your if you find large groups on items that can be purchased for very little when they are bought together.

But now back to the email and I think that I will let it speak for itself.

Hello Daryle,

I couldn't figure out how to post a comment, so I will write you instead. I laughed aloud when I saw your topic for today.

When Ron and I seriously started to get into buying and selling antiques and collectibles, we often got "lucky" by not knowing what we were doing! When I saw two boxes of old neck ties at an auction, I casually mentioned to Ron that I thought I had read something about them. I had to leave the auction and left him with the warning, Don't spend too much!!

When I got home that night, I had two large boxes of neckties in my living room. I thought, Oh no. I said what did you pay?? He said everyone was laughing at him for buying them. He paid $1.50 for the two boxes!!!!! I counted and we had 298 vintage men's neckties!

I still have not listed them all yet, but I pulled out one and made $40.00 on that first one. After getting over 150.00 on just a few, I quit counting. That reminds me that I need to get the rest of them back out and finish selling them!! Old hat bands sell well, too.

Thanks for the blog!

P. S. There you go I couldn't have said it better myself. Enjoy your hunting.

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  1. That's one great buy. I wouldn't want to get stuck with the ties since I wear one for one day about every third year. Wouldn't mind a deal like that though.