Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanks to Flicker

Collectors of early Fenton carnival glass know that certain pieces produced by this company can bring thousands of dollars. The Fenton company was founded in Martins Ferry, Ohio by Frank L. Fenton and was well known for its carnival glass produced from 1907-1920. This company moved to Williamstown, West Virginia and, until recently, was manufacturing several types of pattern glass. This glass is just beginning to hit the collectors’ radar screen. Recently they announced that they were discontinuing the glass production, however, when the orders started rolling in they seem to have postponed their closing. If they do stop making this beautiful glass, be assured that its value to collectors will skyrocket.

I would like to report in this blog about one of the largest Fenton auctions that I have seen in many years. It was conducted this last weekend in Evansville, Indiana by the Sohn's auction house. You may want to go to their website and look at all the varied pieces of Fenton that were auctioned. Included in this sale were many pieces of common glass but sprinkled throughout the sale were limited edition pieces and these are the ones that I would like to share with you

I have always tried to keep our reader ahead of the curve when it comes to information about an opportunity that we should take advantage of. The limited edition pieces of Fenton were often selling for the same prices as the more common pieces at Sohn's auction and this was because the buyers put no additional value on the more scarce, limited pieces. Bingo! This provided an opportunity for our good friend, Cecil Roeder, to step in and take advantage of the situation. He was buying the rarer pieces like a little boy in a candy shop.

If this is something that catches your interest, you may want to go to Amazon and buy a used copy of the Fenton Art Glass Patterns from 1939-1980. The used copies can be purchased for about $5. Remember, starting a library of price guides is one of the best ways for you to assure yourself of success and with Amazon and Abe's books both selling used copies, this will stretch your money a long ways.

I think that if Fenton does cease production I will add their glass to my top 10 list next year.

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  1. This looks like a beautiful lamp! Thanks for sharing.

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