Thursday, December 4, 2008

Daryle Lambert: If it is too good Beware.

Today I am going to share with you what I think is the scam that will be the biggest plague to hit the Antique industry for many years. I want to caution each and ever one of you to be on your toes. This scheme starts with our desire to sell the treasures we have found and often because of our excitement we can make a serious mistake.

How does this scheme work? First you will receive an email informing you that the customer wants to purchase your item and they will send you a bank cashiers check to cover the cost and expenses incurred for shipping. The next sentence will state that they will have their own shippers pick the item up and when you receive the check you are supposed to deduct the cost of the item your selling from the check and then send the balance to their shipper for that expense.

The only problem is that yes you will receive the check but it is phony as a two dollar bill. But if your aren't careful you will have been had by the time you fine that fact out. So lets see how this scheme works. You get a phony check and send the shipping expense to someone that is represented as being their shipper so that money of yours is now gone but remember you are depositing a worthless check. Next they may or may not have someone pick up the treasure that you supposedly sold them, so now they have your item and the money for the supposed shipping and you still have only a phony check. Presto you have just been had.

Can it happen you ask, the answer to that question is yes and it almost happened to me. I received several very pleasant emails about the transaction to sell a wonderful painting of mine to this individual overseas. He wanted to include the shipping which seemed extreme to me but it was his money, right? The shipping was to be well over $1000 but if he crated it maybe that price would be okay but even then it seemed out of place. So when I received the check just to play it safe I took it to my bank and by that afternoon I was informed that it was a fake. Thank you very much Harris Bank. Here is the irony of it all now I am receiving these deals offered to me on a weekly bases. Lucky me I must have gotten on the suckers list.

Isn't it a shame that people want to take something that brings so much pleasure to so many and reduce it to a sham. I have been co-operating with the authorities in hopes of giving this folks something free, like a free vacation.

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1 comment:

  1. The scam you describe happens alot. The same story and the same results happened to a friend of mine.
    Only this time it was a certified Check that was no good. Recently Money Orders for large amounts are being used the same way. We have always heard about "Buyer Beware" now it is "Seller Beware".