Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Post War and Contemporary Art

Walter Darby Bannard

The modernism movement is in high gear and most people are beginning to educate themselves in the area of furniture and accessories from this era, but how about Post War and Contemporary art? I think you will find few individuals that are sure of themselves when it comes to this area of collecting and many, like myself, have very little understanding of it. These two however fit together like a pair of gloves so I will try to help you appreciate this period of art and hopefully it will add to your profits next year.

You may remember that the 31 Club is selling a painting by Walter Darby Bannard at Christie's on January 12th and it fits in the Post War Modernism era. It was bought in Texas several months ago at a very reasonable price. Because so few people are knowledgable in this area of art, there should be a very nice profit made on the painting. I just received the catalog for the sale and it intrigued me because if I had seen most of the entries at a house sale I may not have even given them a second glance.

One suggestion that will prove helpful is for you to go to the Christie's website and look at their catalogs. The site is www.christies.com. On the right side of the page click on January sales. Look at the January 12 sale and familiarize yourself with the names of many artists that were active during this period and the prices expected at this sale for their works.

Hopefully as you browse the catalog there will be paintings that catch your eye. Then, I suggest that you go to Yahoo or Google and do a search on the artist. Don't be surprised if you run across a painting by one of these artists at one of the sales you attend. It might be a treasure just waiting for someone like you to recognize it. Just one or two finds like those in the Christie’s sale can make your whole year, so keep your eye out for them.

It may be time for us to move our marks up for what we are searching for because you may know that older paintings, unless done by the true masters, bring very little today. In fact most of the art that is bringing the truly large sums today are less than 100 years old and a lot of it is less than 50 years old.

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1 comment:

  1. "In fact most of the art that is bringing the truly large sums today are less than 100 years old and a lot of it is less than 50 years old."

    I think that is actually a statement that the profit lies in older paintings. The tastes change all the time. After another 50 years, post-war may be seen as archaic as 19th century art. I think true collectors should buy ahead of the market instead of looking at what is hot now.

    Just my opinion. I really don't follow the market that much. For me, I just buy what I like.