Saturday, December 27, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Home at Last.

I now you wouldn't believe it but after returning home my computer wouldn't work and I spent three hours with Att's techs before they were able to get my service back up. That old Grinch is still at work but just like I have told you about the Antique business I refuse to let him win just like I'm sure that he isn't going to stop your success.

My wife Vickie spent the last day horse back riding and Cecil the friend I write so much about and I went shopping in Evansville Indiana. At one mall we found a miniature Owensboro Kentucky jug that was priced at $150 and I offered $100 but the seller countered at $120. Being hardheaded I stuck to my guns but Cecil may go back if it is still there and pay the sellers price next week. No big deal however because it may bring $300 if we can find a buyer. Next came several pieces of older Frankoma that were priced right but still there was very little money to be made there so Cecil and I agreed the work of selling them just wasn't worth the effort. Remember everything you can make money on isn't a buy for us. That was just about as good as it got. We hadn't found a thing that would make us $100 until we found the Owensboro jug.

Our time ran out as Vickie picked me up in Evansville and we headed home with a car full of boxes and a new dog. This past week wasn't to exciting as far as the Antique business goes but I can assure you that now after a few days break from the business I am chomping at the bit to get out there and find something. Yes I am looking forward to the Bannard painting selling at Christie's on the 12th and it could be a great way to start off the new year. This painting is in our associates program and our partner William will be keeping a close ear to the ground for the final auction price I can assure you.

I foresee that 2009 will b the best year yet for the 31 Club and its members so stay tuned this journey is just beginning.

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