Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Antique Cuff Links and Tie Bars make you look Special.

Thanks to Flicker

Where has the time gone, I can hardly remember the last time I saw a gentleman wearing Cuff Links and a matching Tie Bar. The well dressed gentleman wouldn't have thought about leaving home without these two special items adorning his shirt fifty years ago. Like so many other finer things in life these seem to have past us by because today the causal look is the fashion today.

Just because society seems not to care about the things that were so important years ago there seems to still be a large collector base for them. At most garage and house sales that I attend the cuff links and tie bars seem to just be pitched in with all the custom jewelry however this is what gives us an opportunity to find a treasure. You see the early jewelry such as cuff links and tie bars were made of gold primarily. They came in 10 karat up to 24 karat and these pieces can bring a hefty sum today. Often the tie bars were adorned with a jewel and these were real stones not glass or plastic.

Be on the lookout for pairs of link and if they have the matching bar it is even better. Here is just a few examples of quality links, gold oval outline, oblong link, 18K, Mario Buccellati, up to $5000. Animals are always make great links, snake green Plique-A-Jour enamel, 18K $2500. We don't have to go to the top of the tree to find sets of links that will make us smile how about these opossum plaque, sterling silver, Unger Bros. $550? I think that you are getting the idea, yes it can be quiet rewarding looking through those piles of what most would say were worthless piles jewelry. Remember the old blind hog even found an acorn so if we just keep rooting around I am sure that your turn will come at finding that treasure that we are all looking for. Be sure to take your jewelers loop with at all times because ofter the marks on jewelry are extremely small. I often find that I am able to buy cuff links and tie bars at ¼ of the price of the metal that they are made from so this gives no value to the items themselves.

Remember my rule where I try to purchase things smaller than a bread box and cuff links and tie bars definitely fit this criteria.. Happy hunting.

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  1. Hi Daryl,

    I agree. Antique cufflinks and related accessories are often overlooked treasures. They are often the "sleeper" at the bottom of the jewelry box.

    I write a blog on antique and estate cufflinks that may be of interest http://www.antiquecufflinks.blogspot.com .


  2. Very nice, Art. You have an amazing blog on the topic.