Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Antiques can be a great buy out of Season

Each day for me can be an adventure. My son was sick last night so I got little sleep. But waking up this morning I realized that I would get to spend the whole day with him and it became a blessing. I didn't know what to write about today until I looked out the window at the snow and the trees with no leaves and tried to visualize what this view was like only a couple of months ago. There were potted plants on the patio and hanging ferns under the eves of the house, I then tried to create a picture in my mind of what it could look like next year with benches and fountains and new plantings. This brought on a warm feeling and a smile to my face. No, I haven't lost my mind but it did make me think of another way for us to make money.

People are impatient by nature and when something is out of season they often sell it for a fraction of its real value. What could be more out of “season” than garden furnishings? You are probably thinking; is there any money in these items? After reading the next paragraph of this blog, you will never ask that question again. Just think back to the last house or garage sale you attended. Remember those sad looking garden pots setting at the back of the garage with the wilted plants still in them or the wrought iron benches setting in the backyard with no price tags. This could equate to big money for you and me.

I want to share a story about two large pots that were setting on a front porch where there was a sale being conducted. Hundreds of people visited that sale and most of them left with nothing in their hands, passing those pots as they entered and exited the house. Just one person took the time to examine these dark green pots and then their eyes lit up. Going back into the house and asking the price, it caught the sales conductor so off guard she said "I will have to check." Coming back and she said "I'm not sure, but would you give $300?" The buyer quickly responded, "Yes." These particular pots happened to be “Teco” pottery and worth several thousand dollars.

Let’s look at some garden items with value. If there happens to be a cast iron bench in a backyard with a fern shape design about 60 inches in length from the 19th century it could bring anywhere from $2,500 - $5,000 in today’s market. How many times have you seen figures used in a garden setting but paid no attention to them? Well, I hope you didn't pass this one, a little girl and boy reading a book by M. Geiss, because it could be worth $5,000. Outdoor fountains may look fairly drab this time of year but in the spring they come to life again. A dolphin and boy cast iron and zinc 66" X 70" fountain may bring up to $10,000. That should create some sunshine for you. A few more to entice you; Majolica seat with molded birds, cattails, dragonflies and water lilies by George Jones, valued at $20,000 or how about this one; covered urn, baluster shaped, angels, cast iron,1880's 71" is valued at a whopping $25,000 or more.

I hope that this blog gets you out of those winter blues because just writing it has done that for me.

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