Thursday, December 25, 2008

Daryle Lambert: New Year Resolution’s for Antiquers

Santa’s back home and we have all over eaten, so what is next? We can watch the children play with their gifts or watch ball games but it may be a great time to think about next year and what we would like to accomplish. Yes, the time for New Year’s resolutions has come again so I thougyear,daryle lambert resolutionsht that I might give you a few ideas.

I will soon will be sharing with all the members of the 31 Club my ten favorite items to deal in this upcoming year and it might also be time to share my ten personal goals:

1. Read at least one Antique or Fine Art book each week in 2009.

2. Contact ten new auction houses where you don’t currently appear on their sales list and register with them.

3. Subscribe to your local pioneer press if there is one in your area to find all the garage, house and estate sales in your area.

4. You should subscribe to the Antique Trader, Antique Week or The Maine Antique Digest if you aren’t already a customer.

5. Spend three hours each week viewing auction results on the internet or sales catalogs.

6. Kovel’s price guide and book on marks should be a part of the kit that you carry with you no mater where you go.

7. Make a list of antiques, collectibles and artists that are best known in your area of the country to study and put into your memory bank.

8. Make a list of all the customers that you bought or sold items to during the last year along with what items they were interested in.

9. Make a list of places to visit on a regular basis next year including: thrift shops, malls, antique shops, galleries and flea markets. You should log the details and date of each visit.

10. Revisit what you still have in inventory at the end of the year and make your plan for selling them quickly even if you don’t double your money. The first of the year is a great time to start anew on your “Million Dollar Race.”

I have not been able to answer your questions since visiting Kentucky but I will be back in Chicago on Sunday so I hope to be back on schedule next week. Not only has your help in 2008 has been appreciated and greatly helpful to me but your stories have encouraged other members and given them the courage to continue even when things seem slow.
2009 will provide great success for many of our members and the staff of the 31 Club plan to be more helpful in sharing with their knowledge in the Antique and Fine Art markets next year.

My family Vickie, Joshua, PJ funny bunny and our newest addition, Katy our dog, wish you a happy New Year.

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  1. Not bad.Wish you all Happy New year beforehand.Well my new year resolution is to stop procrastinate,Self check based on witnessing self,make everyone around me a Happy place,Not to find faults in others,if at all I will look into my faults and put an end to them.Taking complete responsibility where ever I may be.
    From the bottom of my Heart I wish tremendous peace,absolute Happiness and eternal life to all.


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  2. That is a great message for the coming year.