Monday, December 22, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Antique Clocks still keep great time

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The countdown for 2008 is upon us and if you have been buying and selling antique clocks, this year may prove to be one of your best. I have been amazed, that while other items values have fallen, clocks have seen their value go straight up. The great part about dealing in clocks is that there are ones available to fit anyone’s pocket book. You may find that old school clock that you remember keeping you on course for classes for one to two hundred dollars. There are the grandfather clocks that woke you up each morning so you wouldn’t be late for work and they can bring $250,000 if signed by the maker.

Clocks come in all sizes - from the smallest that can fit in the palm of your hand to the ones that after you get them you never want to move them again. There are ones that work with the use of springs or others have their works moved by weights that turn their gears. Some clocks even have wooden mechanisms that I find very interesting. The mantel clock seems to be the most often seen and these may be manufactured in this country or many of the European countries. I have bought mantel clocks for as little as $15 but on the other hand I have paid $2,500 for ones from Europe that had wonderful decoration such as figures adorning them. This is one area of the antique business that if you are contemplating purchase of a very expense clock, you should consult a clock expert before you make any outlay of your hard earned money. I have found that people who love clocks are more than happy to share information with you that might start you down the right path before you make the final decision about buying or passing on the piece.

I have to admit that I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase a really expensive clock but I did purchase a french mantel clock for $250 that sold for $3,500. Since that time I have purchased many cheaper clocks and have never had any difficulty reaching my goal of doubling my money when they were sold. There are clock price guides that can be bought used on Amazon for just a few dollars and my suggestion to you is buy one of these guides if clocks will be additions to your inventory in the future.

Here is a little secret, most clocks can be repaired and made to work so this doesn’t eliminate those clocks from consideration as a purchase. I have found clocks that weren’t running and when I got them home I found that all they needed was to be oiled or a little dirt removed from the working parts. The owners of broken clocks are usually glad to be rid of them so almost any offer will be accepted. Parts for clocks are available to repair your clock and even the faces can be replaced which may return them to their status as a treasure. Be sure to use your computer to its best advantage by researching clocks online and don’t forget to check eBay’s completed auctions for comparisons.

Tick tock, tick tock can be some of the best sounds you will ever hear if making money is your goal.

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  1. I agree with this. Watching auction records seem to prove that clocks are on the rise. Similarly the pottery (from recent skinner auction) is also in demand. Brown furniture is out now.

    I like your blog. I maintain a blog with Eric about art and antiques

    Would like to exchange the link.

    Good articles, I would definitely keep reading.