Friday, December 5, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Staying home with Antiques and Collectibles can be fun.

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I just saw the latest unemployment figures and the newscasters gave more doom and gloom. The unemployment rate is now 6.7%? Well, historically, full employment was 6% and anything lower than that was inflationary and bad for the economy. I must be missing something! Or is it just that the news likes to scare people because this increases their viewership as people hang on their every word? I believe that it is time to buy stock and I hope that you’ll remember a year down the road as you look back and see that I said it here first.

What should we do in the meantime - while we wait for the market to right itself? One good idea might be to spend more time at home, but what can we do there that will hold our attention? A good idea is to engage with our families in good entertainment and this may be God's way of waking the American people up to the fact that we might not be in control of things after all.

I remember times in my youth, setting around the old Zenith tube radio with my parents and siblings, listening to the "Shadow Knows" and other shows that very few remember today. How long has it been since you have listened to a radio that was controlled by a vacuum tube, perhaps never? I can assure you that the sound was better than what you get with radios that you listen to today. Just for fun, you should go to a garage sale, pick one of these beauties up for under $25, and receive the treat of venturing back into the past. Also, board games and puzzles are a great way to pass time at home with family. The expense to you is little to nothing. You may find that you enjoy spending time with your parents, kids and/or siblings.

I am getting around to the economics of this story. There is money to be made with the items I just suggested you purchase to use for your own personal enjoyment. Lots of families are in similar situations to yours and and hopefully they will spend more time at home with each other. This is where you come in. While you are out looking for that special Newcomb vase, it may not be a bad idea to also purchase that Motorola Model 51X, Yellow Body, Green Grille Catalin, 1941, 7 inch radio sitting in someone’s basement that everyone else has passed by. This may be purchased for a song, but to the collector, it’s valued at about $5,000. There are many models made by such great companies as Emerson, Garod, General Electric, Philco, RCA, and Zenith that will bring over $1,000 today and few people realize their potential.

How about board games? Where do they fit on the value scale? Let’s take a look. Parcheesi. red, white, and green paint, breadboard ends, Maine, 16" by 24", is valued at $2,500 and its cousin red, orange and dark green, framed, 17 1/2" by 17 1/2" inches at $7,500. These are just two example and many more can be found in Kovel's price guide for Antiques and Collectibles. Believe it or not puzzles too can make your day - I have seen them sell for thousands of dollars.

When you are fortunate enough to find one of these items, it would be terrific to enjoy what they have to offer you before they are re-sold. I guarantee you that great pleasure can be shared by all while sitting around that antique radio or at the kitchen table playing board games or assembling puzzles.

It is a fact that your family will grow up and change over time so enjoy them while you have the chance.

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