Friday, December 26, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Homeward Bound

I will be leaving for home Saturday morning at 8:00 but my friend Cecil and I will first visit Evansville,Indiana in search of treasures. My wife promises to slow down enough for me to jump into her car as she passes through Evansville on her way back to Chicago. Sounds rather exciting doesn’t it?

But what do you think Cecil and I will be searching for? Well if you guessed paintings or other antiques that wouldn’t appeal to the residents of Evansville but would be prime items in Chicago,you would be right. Here is a great piece of information to add to your collection of knowledge when you visit areas far away from your home. The treasures that you buy will usually bring a far greater price in the major metropolitan areas than they will in smaller, less populated areas. I have found that generally for every dollar spent in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee or Missouri, I can plan on tripling my money. This is the best reason that I know for doing some serious shopping while traveling.

It is 11:00 p.m. now so morning is going to come fast so I would like to leave you with this short blog but I will be back on track on Sunday. I hope that when I return to Chicago there will be many emails from the 31 Club members and other readers giving me ideas for future blogs.

Please pray for my family’s safe return from our trip and our prayers will be for your good fortune in the new year.

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