Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Joshua’s day to collect

I haven’t written recently about the collectibles that my son Joshua is most interested in. He remains ready to answer all the questions that you may have that he can help you with. In fact, I thought that there would be plenty of parents and children that would have questions about age appropriate collectibles but the number of inquires have been rather small.

One of the best collectibles for the younger collectors is toy cars such as Hot Wheels, Tootsies Toys and other earlier cast cars and trucks. The best are the red line hot wheels that can bring in the thousands if you are lucky enough to find the right ones. I am sure that you remember me telling you about the VW Bus with the surf board on top that sold for over $18,000 and I don’t even think that it was a red line. There is a guide book on Hot Wheels and it should be added to your library because there will be many opportunities for you to find that treasure car or truck in your hunt at house and garage sales. Many of these real treasures can be found for under a dollar and resold for thousands, now that is what I would call a real find.

Perhaps Joshua’s favorite collectibles are snow globes, but you should only look for the ones that can be attached to a certain character or place. A friend of mine found a Disney snow globe for some change that he sold for more than $1,800 on eBay. EBay might be the best place to sell your best finds in snow globes. The reason eBay would be a good source to use in selling your globes is they have a broad spectrum of viewers and cross collectibles attract a wide variety of interested buyers. A cross collectible is any item that falls into more than one market: a Disney globe will attract Disney collectors and also globe collectors so your market doubles in size. Don’t buy the contemporary ones that are made in China or Japan because they will have very little value as a rule but the older ones can bring you serious money.

If you and your child starts collecting items from his favorite sports teams at an early age there is a chance you will never have to pay a dollar of his college expense because who knows what he will end up with in his collection. If he had been born in the 30’s or 40’s he may have collected Babe Ruth or in the 50’s Mickey Mantle. Cards by these players have brought many times what an average man makes in a full year. You say you’re not into buying to collect and I say that is great but why not spend some serious time helping your customer complete their collections and at the same time add to your bank account. You can treat them fairly by not taking advantage of them and still sell to them cheaper than they can buy the items they desire from anyone else.

Last, but not least, are the coin collectors and their attention is again turning to the odd coins; large cents, three cent coins, half dimes and two cent coins. Even the Indian one cent coins are attracting interest again. I would recommend that you try to buy whole collections of coins and then sell them individually. This should increase the amount of profit you receive by a tremendous amount and the extra work will be well spent.

Remember the new or young collector will be your future in this business and if you treat them fairly they will stay with you as long as you are in the business.

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