Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Santa even checks his list.

It is time for all good boys and girls to check their list. What do I mean by that? We are nearing the end of another year and it is time to see how you've measured up in the Antique and Fine Arts business over the last twelve months. Have you stayed with the plan that is going to assure you of success or have you gone back to the old ways of doing business that meant starting over every month?

First, let’s see if you have followed the rules for success. Ask yourself these questions:

·Have I gained in knowledge of the rare and unusual antiques, collectibles and fine art pieces that I am searching for? If you have been following the recommendations of the 31 Club, you should have added the names of at least 25 new items that you have researched this year to your wish list. Do you feel confident in recognizing them if they are presented to you? If you see an item from these companies, would you know the rare from the common?

·Have I tried to stay close to my goal of buying for my inventory at 25% of what I think the retail price will be?

·Did I set up an account just for my business and leave the profits from sales in the account to buy more items?

·Here is the tough one for so many of you. Did I sell what I bought in a timely manner?

These are some of the primary rules but there are others, such as, are you still telling everyone you come in contact with about this new and exciting business that you have entered into? How many of your business cards have you handed out? They can be bought for as little as $18 for 500. Are you attending house and garage sales on a regular basis? How about auctions? Have you gone to at least one a month for the entire year? Auctions are a place of learning even if you don't purchase anything, plus, attending them is free.

Do you still have confidence in the goal that you set and has it been re-enforced by your actions this year? It isn't easy to stay on the road to success if you are always looking backwards because the key to your victory in the “Race to Your Millions” is always in front of you. I can judge how most of my readers are doing in this business by how often I hear from them, the more often the better things are going for them. Remember, this isn't a sprint but a long distance race and to succeed you must stay with the race until you cross the finish line. That will be the time to count your money.

I would say that on these cold winter nights it would be a great time to read the guide for our success again “ 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.” Even though I wrote it, when I take the time to bring it down off the shelf, it re-lights my fire and excitement for this business, the greatest business in the world.

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