Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daryle Lambert: EBay Alternatives for Antique & Collectible Dealers

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Markets always correct themselves. I’ve been writing about this subject on my blogs and in articles months before others were even thinking eBay might be in trouble.* And, it’s not only eBay who will be in trouble. Auction Houses, including online auctions, have surpassed what the market is willing to pay for their services, and a change has been emerging in response. People have had enough of being squeezed for fees and more fees. We see the affect greed has had as new auction alternatives continue to pop up everywhere, and new and exciting opportunities are unveiled. Today, there are some great alternatives to eBay, as well as the traditional auction houses.

Two visionary men have come with an idea that I think will change the way Antique and Collectible dealers do business today. While I’ve written previously about for a while now on earlier posts,, the new kid on the block, has really knocked it out of the park completely.

I’ve spoken extensively with Seeauctions and boy – how I wish I had the foresight this owner has. People who are trying their best to make a living in the Antique & Collectible industry will find that is helping this industry in an unbelievable way. You see, for the next two years, dealers who use seesauctions will have the opportunity to sell their valuable items totally free of charge.

He has the same vision that I have, and that is to help people to make money now, and accept the pay off for the effort later. When I created my marketplace at, that’s what I had in mind.

When nothing else seemed to be working for me, I decided to try out and listed some of my own marketplace items on it – almost $200,000 worth of items. To my delight, I’m beginning to get bids on items I hadn’t been able to previously drum up interest on.

To our 31 Club Members I’d say – open an account with Seeauctions, and dual list them on both our site and seesauctions. If you’re item sells at either site, make sure you de-list your item on the site where it didn’t sell. You might be surprised that I say this but know that my recommendation is just another way I show you that I have our members’ interests at the center of all we do. When I published my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, my motivation was to help others learn how to make money in this business and learn to effectively grow the profits. It’s my personal desire to see everyone who joins our unique antique business club succeed.

To Seeauctions, I say a heartfelt thank you. You will never fully realize how much you’re appreciated by those of us looking for a good alternative.

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