Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Gift that keeps on Giving

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Toys at Christmas can be for children or adults. For the children, the toys usually represent the things that they will experience in the future while for adults it conquers up visions of times past in their lives. Both of these can bring big rewards for the recipient. There are few things that are collectible that have performed better than toys when it comes to their increase in value over time.

During the Christmas season you will find that most dealers dig out their best toys to sell. Often this gives us a real opportunity to profit from their lack of knowledge of the rare versus the common. I have been able to purchase great antique toys for a small percentage of their true value even when the selling dealer thought that I was over paying for them at the time. I once bought a tin windup toy for $10 that had a value of $5000. It was a pre-war Japanese piece that I have never seen again. This is a great time to ferret out those truly rare and unusual toys that will bring huge prices at the toy auctions.

It is okay to buy the Tonka and Mattel toys and they may bring you fair returns on your money but the older tin and cast iron ones are where the real money is. How would you like to find a Buddy L Insurance Patrol truck with the original box? Well it sold for $37,000 at auction in 2001. You will just have to wonder what it would bring today. In that same auction, there was a Buddy L Dual Wheel Screen Truck for $22,000, Doored Express truck $30,000, Shell Tanker Truck $20,000 and a Flivver Huckster Truck that was hammered at $21,000. Items like these are still out there for you to find and few dealers will realize their true value.

You don't have to go back to the 30's or 40's to find these values. A Japanese tin 1961 Chrysler Imperial with box sold in 2002 for $22,000. We all know what Lionel Trains can bring and lead soldiers in the original box can make it a very merry Christmas for you when found. There are no limits to the toys that can put a big smile on your face but you must have done your homework so that when they appear you will recognize them. Dolls, games, construction sets and banks are just a few of the items that should be on your list as you travel to the different sales.


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