Sunday, December 28, 2008

Daryle Lambert: “ No Place Like Home to Dream of Antiques. “

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The saying “ There is no place like home is so true.” I will be going to bed soon and I am sure that I will see visions of wonderful antiques and fine art dancing in my head. Catching up with all the emails and other things that needed my attention after being away so long was almost over whelming. I am just beginning to feel like I will return to normal by tomorrow so stay with me. Yes and we left Katy, our new dog, alone in the house while we when out to eat and returning expecting almost anything the house was just as we had left it.

Changing our email address to “ “ was easy and I hope that all our members and readers will take note of the change and post it in their address book. For a period of time we will still get the emails at the old address but I hope that you will change to the new one quickly so there won't be any interruption of communications between you and the 31 Club. Cindy is working on some great ideas for us and I think you will be seeing the results of her effort soon.

I will be posting a new top ten list very soon and I think that there will be a few surprises on it so stay tuned. Also we hope to expand the marketplace by creating a whole new web page just for it that will increase our out reach to many more people. I feel that the 31 Club has just began to achieve the vision that has gotten us this far but most of the excitement is still ahead of us.

Now is the time to really use the knowledge that we have assembled together to change the Antique and Fine Arts markets in way they haven't seen in the last twenty years. The 31 Club was started because of a need in the marketplace and I believe that is happening. With others like the founders of and that have a new direction in which to take these market I feel confident that true success for all of us lies just around the corner.

To fully take advantage of the opportunities that are being presented to us I will need to find that special person with the technical skills required to take the 31 Club to the next level and I will be spending a lot of time to find that person. I am still listening to all the ideas that our reader are presenting to me for future improvement to our site so please continue to email me your thoughts.

Now that I am back in the saddle and have my recourse's at my disposal I will try to bring some new information about treasures that are still undiscovered just waiting for you to find them. Remember I have told you all along that this is the best business in the world and I am here to prove it to you. I am so happy and glad to be back.

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