Friday, December 12, 2008

Daryle Lambert: The 31 Club is still "Unique"

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I have been on a quest to find the right person to help lead the 31Club through this maze of the Internet. The technology is changing so fast that my head seems to be in a constant state of spinning. But I have learned from all of this that the future for the 31 Club and its members will end in success. The original purpose of the 31 Club was and is to see that our members make money before the Club profits.

The one area of our business that I had thought would appeal to many more people than it has, however, is the associates program. This program which is “unique” to the Antique industry is the only one within my knowledge that provides people the opportunity to make substantial money by partnering with the 31 Club in purchasing treasure they find. If you know of any piece of Fine Art, Antique or Collectible that you would like to have the 31 Club purchase but still participate in the profit please contact us at We say “ You Find It – We Buy It and Sell It – Then Split the Profit.” One of our members Cecil Roeder made $3250.00 on just two items that he introduced the club to through this program.

It troubles me some these last several week because I am not hearing from nearly enough of you about the terrific deals you are making. This is the time to show our stuff as the old saying goes. Just in the last two days I have begun negotiations on the W. A Slaughter painting for over $20,000 and one of Doug Odom’s paintings for $1250. By using I have bids on the Pickard vase and the large Roseville Pinecone urn. It is my hope that I am able to complete many more transactions before the end of the year. How bout you?

If things seem to be dragging, please don't stop contacting me because often this is when I can help you the most. Just one simple suggestion often can change the direction in which we are traveling. Even I have to stop for a moment to realize that yes, this is still the best and most exciting business that I have ever been a part of, not to mention all the fun I am having. You that have broken out of that hum-drum every day life style, don't go back to it. For those that have yet broken free, just hook your wagon to that of the 31 Club and we will rise to the top together.

No, this isn't the typical blog about what to buy and sell but I think it can even be more meaningful to you if you are still interested in the challenge. This season of the year is the time to take note of all the blessings that God has provided and to remember that he is our most important partner.

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