Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Changing Seasons

Brrr... can you feel the weather changing? I am looking out my window and admiring the beauty of nature as the trees are putting on their fall colors. In fact, this may be my favorite time of the year. But please don't ask me about the weather in a couple of months when there is two feet of snow on the ground.

Are you aware that the changing of the seasons is one of the most painted subjects that we have? There are artists that paint the same scene in all four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. This truly gives you a different perspective of a scene that you may never have been aware of because your eyes didn't take in the changes to your view as the seasons passed.

I have found that collectors have a tendency to collect paintings of a specific season to add to their collection. This may be because paintings about winter bring back fond memories from their past. Another reason for collecting paintings of a particular season is that the color of each one of them is so different. Winter scenes are usually rather drab while spring is full of new life and fall is full of rich, deep colors.

Landscape paintings have always been favorites and therefore they should always be on our list as potentially profitable. Good regional artwork always brings top dollar and landscapes are at the top of the list. I would suggest that you use the computer to research Brown County Indiana artists. There was a group of artists that would go to Brown County because of the natural beauty they found there. Those artists include names like T.C. Steele, Carl Graf, Edward K. Williams, Lucie Hartrath, Dale Bessire, C. Curry Bohm, Adolph Shulz, and William McKendree Snyder just to name a few. There are willing buyers just waiting to be called if you acquire art work by any of these artists. This is just one area where artists gathered and there are many more places like Brown County spread throughout this amazing country of ours. These artists spent their lives bringing some of the most beautiful scenes that anyone could imagine to life so that they can now be admired by all throughout the ages. They can be found in the eastern parts of our country, Texas and California to many other areas such as the pacific Northwest and far West.

This is the time to take in the beauty of the seasons and profit from your experience.

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