Friday, November 21, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Antique Minton China Surprises


I received a call from one of our members of the 31 Club asking about the value of his Minton platter. Looking at the piece, my first thoughts were “this is a relatively new piece.” Going to my trusty Kovel book of marks, listed was the platter made from1951 till present just as I thought. However, before I got to the specific mark that appeared on this piece, I viewed several others that had been used by the Minton Company over the years. This sparked my interest a little more.

This particular platter was from a set of dinnerware that I suggested might better be sold via eBay because of its later production date. As I began to research this piece, I realized other Minton pieces could be wonderful purchases. This company has a long and prosperous history commencing in 1793 through present day. They made quality items from the very beginning. Remember what I have shared with you about value, if something had very little value when it was produced, regardless of its age; it probably has very little real value today. However, if it had great value when it was made, its value could be hundreds of times greater today. This is wonderfully demonstrated by the quality of Minton china and how its values have continued to climb through the years. As a result of research done on behalf of one of our members, I now know that Minton’s tableware ranks right up there with Meissen. To know the value of a Minton piece, you must know the approximate age of the piece and this can only be established if you have the appropriate reference material to cross reference.

I have to admit that I have never held Minton in very high esteem, but that was because I wasn't knowledgeable about the value of their earlier pieces. I am sure that I have passed by several valuable pieces over the last 45 years as a result of not having this knowledge. I hope that by sharing this information, you will not make the same mistakes that I have.

There are some truly fantastic items out there just waiting in the marketplace for your discovery. I believe that if you become knowledgeable about Minton’s values, you will be able to trump almost every dealer that you run into on your hunt for this treasure.

How would you like to find this piece for $150? Majolica bowl staved basket form, rope handles c. 1865, 11 inches, Value up to $6,000. Minton produced a wide range of merchandise including: dishes, figurines, jardinières, jugs, pitchers, garden sets and teapots. Most of these items from Minton’s early years will command prices in the thousands. You can see and research many of these items in Kovel's Antique and Collectible Price Guide.

As you can see, members of the 31 Club’s participation contribute greatly to the information that I am able to share with the readers of this blog. Please keep your questions coming and as McCain said "I will keep your names and make you famous."

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  1. would love to know your thoughts on what the value of Montons - 1916 - Pitkin & Brooks, gold & cream dinnerware set would be...

  2. I would go to the replacements web page and also see what I could find on the net.