Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Western Paintings by Tom Darro

Tom Darro Painting is Available at 31 Gallery & Marketplace.

Several years ago I visited the home of a wonderful lady located on the north side of Chicago. Since that time, we have continued to stay in touch. On my first visit to her home, I saw many wonderful items and purchased several of them. This visit started a love affair for me of paintings by Tom Darro.

A beautiful painting of an Indian mother brushing her daughter’s hair was on her wall. This painting took my breath away. I purchased it and continue to enjoy it more than a decade later. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of working with the Lakota Sioux on a reservation in South Dakota. These visits are some of my best memories. Every time I visit this reservation it makes me appreciate my painting that much more. I continue to advertise for Tom Darro paintings on AskArt, hoping to acquire more of his work. The reason that I write about Tom's work today is that I received a phone call from a lady who is constructing a website for Mr. Darro’s gallery. She had come across my ad in AskArt and saw I was interested in paintings by Tom. We agreed to work together to promote the paintings of this outstanding artist and I think that in the near future, you will see the value of his work increase substantially.

I would suggest that you keep an eye out for paintings by Tom Darro because your bank account may be increased if you can acquire one or more of his paintings before they become highly publicized. I believe that he will soon become one of the best known Western artists of our time.

You must however, remember to keep my rules in mind, and consider everything you own, outside of family, for sale at the right price. The price for certain items may be much higher than you think someone would pay for the item and that is certainly okay. You can see the Darro painting discussed above in the 31 Club’s gallery. If someone is willing to pay my asking price for the painting, it will be sold and I will just hope that the new owner enjoys it as much as I have. I promise not to be sad since I’ve enjoyed it for several years, plus the profit it brings and will have passed it on for someone else to treasure.

The 31 Club can help our industry by being temporary guardians for the treasures that come our way. Just think: if no one was willing to sell us their treasures, then we would have no business or treasures to enjoy in our homes. The moral of the story: Don't be sad when something leaves your possession - just look forward to your next purchase and the joy it will bring you.

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