Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Collectibles

As a child, I waited all year for Halloween to roll around, and fondly remember those nights when I took a pillowcase and canvassed the neighborhood with my friends. Knocking on doors, saying “trick or treat” and watching the adults hand over the loot filled with homemade popcorn balls, candied apples and other special prepared treats conjure up feeling I can hardly express properly. Those were such special days. I filled my sack until I could no longer carry it, then headed home to empty it. But, once I emptied it, I wasn’t yet done. I headed out for round two, especially to those houses that were giving away whole candy bars.

My costume was always homemade, because we couldn't afford the store bought kind. But that didn't matter; I was having the greatest childhood in the world. What a treat it was to run through the neighborhood by ourselves past sunset. My folks didn’t worry about us encountering trouble, because all the neighbors watched out for one another’s children.

My best memories of Halloween, however, were the ones spent before the night of trick or treating. Those days spent with my mom and dad helping us kids carve pumpkins are visions in my mind that will never fade. No matter how bad a job we did on the pumpkins, they would always tell us how beautiful they were. Usually mom would have hot apple cider waiting when we finally trudged in from the porch, and the fireplace was always ablaze. Today, on this special childhood occasion, is your house like this? I hope it is. My whole neighborhood took part in this day, and people who didn't have children, often seemed to have a better time than the ones who did. This day creates great childhood memories.

What has happened to our lives since those carefree days? I wish I knew. Today, I won't even let my son go out early Halloween night without Vickie or me being with him. Most of the candy Joshua receives is given away or thrown away, if it's not properly packaged. I ask God’s forgiveness for the way we have sat back and watched these special childhood times to be ruined for our children.

So why am I writing so much about Halloween? If you remember, I said that people collect what they remember from their past, and Halloween was usually a happy day for most people. This being so, then there most be collectibles that can make us money from Halloween. And, there are. A few of these collectibles would be candy containers of Hobo's, Jack O' Lanterns, and Roly Polys.

Witches can easily bring you $500 or more. Costumes from the past such as Boss Hogg, Fonz, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and other creatures are always being sought out by collectors. Paper mache masks from the Mardi Gras can command prices as high as $1000. There are many more items that will come to mind as you are on the search, but don't leave Halloween items off your list of things to search for. BOO!

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