Sunday, November 9, 2008

Looking Ahead

There are several very special days in the year for me like Christmas and Thanksgiving where I am able to give thanks to God and also thanks for my country. But there are other days that mean a lot to me and I celebrated one yesterday and will celebrate another today. What are they you may ask? Well yesterday was my wife's birthday and today is my youngest son's birthday. My wife often says that Joshua was her birthday gift some ten years ago.

Why is this important to the members of the 31 Club? My answer leads to another question: where do collectibles come from? If we are going to place our financial future in the hands of collectors then we need to know why they collect what they collect and what periods of their life should we examine to see what the future holds for them as it relates to their collecting habits. I think that you would agree that Christmas and birthdays are two of the most important days of the year for most people as this is a time they receive gifts that bring them much pleasure. Then it only figures that the gifts received on these days will become future collectibles because they will bring back fond remembrances of past special days in their lives.

I must have been about four years old when my uncle Warren Dee bought me a box of marbles and a cast iron car for my birthday. I couldn't wait to go outside and play with them but little did I know that you couldn't play with marbles in the sand box. My dad had built this enormous sand box in the backyard for me but when I dumped the marbles in the sand they disappeared. I must have tried for an entire week to locate them all to no avail but I do remember crying each day as I continued to search for them.

Now that I am sixty-seven years young, I still remember those marbles and every time I run across a box of them, I can't resist purchasing them if I have the money. Uncle Warren probable paid ten cents for the box of marbles he gave me, but today that same box may cost several thousand dollars. The cast iron car with the cast iron wheels is still in my possession and there is no price I can put on the sentimental value that can be put on it. What do you remember fondly from your past? Whatever it is, you can bet it has value today and should be something you search for when on your hunt.

Let me give you a list of items that was important to me over the years. After the marbles and car, there was a baseball glove and bat, then came sets of comic and adventure books. At the age of 10, I became interested in collecting coins and stamps. In high school, records by artists like Elvis and others filled my house. A 1955 Chevy hard top was my prized possession in high school (a gift from my parents) and after that I started my family and worked my way though college.

Does that sound like some of the items that collectors are searching for today? Items like those bring top dollar in today's marketplace when they can be found. I have people everyday ask how they can get started in this business and perhaps your answer may come as you start a list from items from your past.

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