Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Once in a Life Time

Flash! It is time to invest in the stock market. I suggest that people average into this market that has well overshot the mark. My suggestion would be to invest 25% each month over the next 3 months and keep 25% in cash. Obama's election will begin to sooth the markets. With the lowest interest rates that I have ever experienced and no fear of inflation, these markets could be on the verge of an upside explosion. The bellweather stocks are selling at 6-8 times earnings when the average over the last 30 years has been 21. Some of these stocks are paying up to an 8% dividend. Remember when I suggested selling silver at $17 up to $20 – it is currently at $9. I also shared my opinion on crude oil at $140 and said it was insane - now it is near $50. Well, this is my next prediction for you, and the money you make on the next advance in the stock market may provide you with the extra funds needed for your treasure hunts.

As I promised yesterday, I want to give you some examples of treasures that are in the market today at bargain prices. Daum Nancy and Galle art glass have fallen in value along with the markets in general. Should they have? I don't think so and at the moment I believe that you should have an open eye for items made by these companies. I prefer Daum Nancy to Galle but that is merely a personal preference. Vases that were selling for $2,500 or more have been selling for a little over $1,000. What a bargain. Daum and Galle pieces are no longer being produced so their numbers are limited. Supply and demand never changes for long and soon the buyers will realize that and begin buying the rarer and unusual pieces again. Buyers will soon be willing to pay what the marketplace demands.

By buying the better pieces that are being offered, your return should meets the 31 Club’s rule for doubling the price of what we sell versus our cost. This will get you back on track again with the 31 Steps to success. Don't forget that a penny doubled 31 times is still over $21,000,000. Where are you in the race to complete the 31 Steps?

Now is not the time to quit, but to increase your efforts, because the best opportunity in the last 10 years to capitalize and become successful is yours today. Buckle up, tighten your belt and dive head long into the search for “Antiques and Fine Art" that can be more rewarding than your wildest imagination.

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