Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Time - Past and Present.


Its that time of year again where we hear the word Thanksgiving all around us. But what should it mean to us and our families? The word has a double meaning to give thanks for what we have been given but also to share the abundance we have with others. God has given to us but he doesn't expect us to hoard that but to be a joyful giver. What a fabulous time to see families preparing gift baskets and children taking can goods to school to help families that can use the help.

What I like about thanksgiving the most however is to try visualizing Thanksgivings as they were in the beginning of this country and the Pilgrims. Can you see the smoke billowing from the fireplace and people arriving for the feast from miles around. The Indians would bring corn and other staples while the Pilgrims would prepare the turkeys and other meats. The feeling of togetherness would feel the air. Do we share these feeling today on Thanksgiving or is it all about the rush and presentation.

This may be a great time to reflect on where we are and where we're going. The children will be watching and examining our hearts as we interact with others at this wonderful time of year. Giving thanks and give to others, what better words for us to carry forward to the year to come than these.

You know by now that I must talk about how this can profit us in our pursuit of treasures, right. Well as I have stated I try to visualize the setting at the time of the Pilgrims celebrations. First they used hanging pots in the open hearth to cook and my question to you if these are found today do they have value? Yes is the answer if you didn't already know. Griswold cast iron is eagerly sought after and can bring hundreds of dollars if you acquire the right pieces. Second their light was produced for oil lamps and candles and the open fire. Oil lamps can sell for over $10,000 today and even the more common ones will often bring a hundred are so. Candle molds are use for decoration in many homes and I have seen them sell for $500 or more. Think primitive. These people didn't have fancy ovens or microwaves but what they had got the job done even if today we wonder how. I think it was because they weren't thinking about what they would be doing next but enjoying what they were doing at the moment. How I yearn sometimes for the days gone past.

Often food was served on pewter plates and from home make wooden bowls. By the way an antique burl carved bowl may well be worth thousands of dollars today. The silverware could have been made from melting down coins and forming this into spoons and forks that today are highly coveted by collectors. These pieces will be listed under coin silver. Depending on the quality of the workmanship coin silver pieces are quiet expensive. The guns used to hunt weren't semi automatics but simple one shot rifles that took time to load so the hunters had to be expert marksman and they made every shot count. Early example of the guns used have become almost out of the reach of the average collector. These are just a few things that made life possible for the early settlers but you know they got by and sometime I wonder if not better than we do? What do you think?

All my editors are busy today so you will have to tolerate my mistakes but they will be back tomorrow hopefully.
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